Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services External Connector

Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services External Connector
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Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services External Connector

Microsoft Remote Desktop client is a Microsoft service allows users to connect to a remote PC and to access work resources from any device. Connect to your work PC and access all of your apps, files, and resources as easily as if you were in your office. Keep working from where where you leave off. Windows Server Remote Desktop Services is like having your office with you at all times. Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop improves your workflow and lets you get more accomplished. New features and flexibility help you stay connected.

The external connector license lets you expand your server environment beyond a local area network by purchasing external Remote Desktop licenses for a specific server only. This add-on for Windows Server lets you increase the number of devices or users for access to the central server from anywhere they’re located using existing software.



In Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services:

Remote Desktop Connection Broker connects users with their remote desktops. With this feature, if the connection drops, users re-establish the connection without resetting the virtual state of the virtual desktop. The Broker is aware of both remote and VDI sessions

Remote Desktop Gateway assigns end users to a desktop or RemoteApp program over the WAN or Internet.

Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) lets a server host session-based desktops or RemoteApps.

Remote Desktop Virtualization Host is the server that hosts the virtual desktops.

Remote Desktop Web Access
lets users access remote desktops or RemoteApps from the Start menu or a browser.

RemoteApp allows you to deliver virtual applications to users instead of full desktops. RemoteApp integrates with the desktop and makes applications appear to be running locally. RemoteApp bridges application compatibility issues that arise from using RDS to host sessions.

RemoteFX is an advanced  suite of improvements to the Remote Display Protocol (RDP) that enhances the display experience for remote users, even on bandwidth-constrained networks. RemoteFX also improves access to peripherals such as those attached by USB port.


New 2019 Windows Server Remote Desktop Features:

  • App Compatibility Feature on Demand (FoD) for Server Core

  • Cluster Sets is the new cloud scale-out technology that increases cluster node count in a single SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) cloud by orders of magnitude. Cluster Sets technology enables virtual machine fluidity across member clusters within a Cluster Set and a unified storage namespace across the "set" in support of virtual machine fluidity.

  • Group Managed Service Accounts

  • Host Device Access for Containers

  • New Container Base Image: New base image in the Windows Server container collection. In addition to nanoserver and windowsservercore container images, the new windows image is now available. This image carries more components than its nanoserver and servercore siblings and supports applications that have additional API dependencies.

  • Advanced Windows Defender Security

Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services gives you more power, better flexibility, and still delivers the Windows Server experience you have grown to trust. Work faster, smarter, and with more productivity with the new Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop.


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