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We’ve made a name for ourselves with our incredibly low prices on our software, but we have always had a more expansive mission. We want to provide great software and great software services to all our customers. This mission allows every customer to visit our site and find the programs they need at the best prices and also find the services they need to run those programs effectively.

Whether it’s a matter of keeping a computer secure from outside threats, updating a computer so it can handle all the latest programs, or installing programs so that they provide full functionality, we are here to help. We don’t just provide service to tech experts who know their way around all the most advanced software features. We want to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the best software and overall computer experience, including those who have barely ever touched a keyboard.

For those less technologically savvy customers, and for those who need some extra assistance on one element of their computing or another, we have a large number of services available with the same low-price focus as our software.

Our Credentials

Any software-selling website could advertise a set of services. All it takes is posting a product description and a price. There’s plenty of sites that do just that, claiming expertise when they don’t have it. We don’t do that. It is our highest priority to live up to the promises we make on this site. That includes providing expert help from real experts. What makes us experts? To start with, we have all our credentials in order. We are a member of Microsoft’s two major virus fighting organizations.

We are members of the Virus Information Alliance, a group of antivirus companies and software vendors that help Microsoft and others keep up with every new threat. This isn’t just an occasional report on a threat here and there, it’s an advanced web of communication that helps understand the scope of every threat before it becomes a threat to the average user. Virus Information Alliance members share data on how quickly new viruses are spreading, what targets they are attacking, and how users can avoid the threat. As members, we not only contribute to this web of knowledge, we also benefit from it, so we are able to advise and prepare our customers.

We are also members of the Microsoft Virus Initiative, an organization that also shares information on the latest threats. However, the Microsoft Virus Initiative doesn’t end there. Members also get access to powerful new software solutions that help protect against these new threats as well as invitations to premier security events where the world’s foremost virus experts provide information on all the latest innovations in combating computer threats.

We are also members of the Microsoft Virus Initiative, an organization that also shares information on the latest threats. However, the Microsoft Virus Initiative doesn’t end there. Members also get access to powerful new software solutions that help protect against these new threats as well as invitations to premier security events where the world’s foremost virus experts provide information on all the latest innovations in combating computer threats.

Put together, these two organizations allow us to confidently provide all the latest and best assistance to those who are looking for help with their security. And that isn’t the end of our credentials. We are also registered partners with all the companies that provide us with software. That includes a close relationship with Microsoft, Norton, Symantec, Kaspersky, and all others whose products you see on this site.

That close relationship means we are trained in every aspect of software installation and maintenance. We train not just in the threats that can affect software and operating systems, but in how each product we offer works, all its features, and all the requirements to make sure every user has a perfect software experience.

Our Services

As you can see, our credentials are significant. The reason for that is that we take our services seriously. This isn’t a secondary operation for us, but a fundamental part of the experience we want to offer our customers. You should never have to go to another site to get your software needs answered. We want to provide you with a complete, one-stop option for all your software AND all your computer services.
So, what are those services? There are a number of ways our experts can help you, including all of the following:

  • We Can Get Rid of Any Malware: Increasingly the word “malware” is coming into the mainstream, although many still don’t know what it means. Malware refers to any software that gets on your computer with malevolent and hostile intentions. Malware includes many kinds of threats that you may have heard of. These include viruses, which are programs that replicate and insert themselves into the code of other programs. Worms are another, related malware threat. These are similar to viruses but in some ways even worse since a virus requires an active user where a worm can replicate and spread without any actions from the user. There is also ransomware, which threatens a device or user if a certain payment isn’t made. A number of these have made the news, including one that shut down a large part of Britain’s entire healthcare system. Ransomware can threaten to publish data or lock down devices, among other threats.
    Other threats include Trojan horses (programs that pretend to be other programs and then install malware), spyware (programs that secretly gather information from a device), adware (software that secretly adds ads to your programs and internet browsing, earning money for the program installer), and many others.
    As you can see, malware is a vast world of risks and potential threats. We are able to detect all the threats already on your device and remove them. We are also able to provide future protection that makes sure you are not a victim of future malware attacks.
    This is a threat that affects individual users as well as businesses. If you suspect you have malware on your system, it is crucial you contact our experts to get it taken care of immediately. Your data and finances could be at stake.
  • We Can Bring Your Device Up-to-Date: One of our most popular services is the “tune-up.” This is a set of services packaged in one that brings you device up-to-date and running better. “Running better” means a lot of things when it comes to computers, in particular, our tune-up makes your device run faster and work more reliably. If you are seeing your device slow down significantly and have issues running programs or handling the number of open programs it used to easily handle, it’s time to consider a tune-up.
    This tuning up helps extend the life and usability of a device. While many users assume there’s a very short life for a device and that it has built in obsolescence (in other words, it’s designed to fail after a couple years), that’s not really the case. As with any expensive purchase, if you put the effort into taking care of it, it’ll last you far, far longer.
    So, what comes with the tune-up? Customers get a manual search through all the areas on the computer that might be causing a slow-down, where we personally eradicate any files that are causing issues, in particular in the temporary files folders. Our experts also find and remove any malware using our advanced anti-virus software.
    The process is quick and effective, and you’ll have your device behaving like it’s brand new in no time.
  • We Can Provide You with Business Computer Security: The above options are great for individuals with a device they want to keep safe and running well, but a business has more complex needs. After all, there’s far more sensitive data and far more financial risk related to the computers used for businesses than for the individual. Everyone knows that, especially those who are designing malware right now. A business is simply a bigger and better target for malware, which means protection is all the more important.
    Thankfully, we can handle those needs as well. We provide a yearly contract for businesses that include a searching and clearing of all malware on every business device and a professional installation of our advanced antivirus and ad-blocking software. We are also always available throughout that year to answer any and all of your questions and assist you in important malware and security related areas. With this service, you can be confident that your entire business is secure against all the threats lurking online.
  • We Can Set Up Your Complete Protection Package: For individual users, that security package for businesses listed above can sound pretty nice. They may feel left out that they can’t get that kind of high-end service. No need to feel bad, we have a similar service designed for individual users. This package is also an annual commitment. We’ll clean your device, install top-tier antivirus, anti-malware, and ad-blocking software, and then help you maintain it. It’s an unbeatable deal.
  • We Can Install All Your Software for You:<.b> All of the above services provide for computer security on either an individual or business level. They are incredibly useful resources to have since security is so important to how we relate to the internet. However, sometimes, you need some more basic help.
    We’ve found that many users struggle with their installation. Software gets every more complex and advanced every year, and as it advances, installation can get ever more complex as well. Because of that, many people feel lost during the installation process. When the wrong click can lead to the wrong installation, it can be a stress-inducing process.
    In response to this difficulty, we’ve created an installation assistance program. For an incredibly low price, our experts will schedule a 2-hour installation session in which we walk you through absolutely everything, making sure your software is installed properly and absolutely stress free.

Our Free Services

While we have to charge for all our more advanced services, that doesn’t mean we don’t provide help for free when we can. We are always happy to take calls or answer messages directly on our website for customers who want to know more about their software.
Is something unclear about a program you are interested in purchasing? Are you struggling to see the difference between Microsoft Office 2013 Word and Microsoft Office 2016 Word?

Contact us, and we’ll be happy to walk you through all the major changes in the program, all for free. We provide 24/7 customer assistance for any issues related to our software.
Those issues are far more expansive than just software questions before a purchase. If you are having any difficulty with your purchase, please contact us for help. If your product key isn’t functioning, our experts will work to resolve the problem in a timely manner so that you can completely activate every product.

We can also provide refunds for software that doesn’t work, although this is admittedly a very rare occurrence. If you have other service needs that aren’t mentioned in either of these sections, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask whether we can provide for that service and whether it is free. We are always ready to receive your suggestions and respond to your needs for free.

Why You Need Our Services

Some people are confident they can find the best security programs for themselves. They know they can install and set up all their programs (including their security, as well as all other software) without any help. They may know some coding and have a lot of experience setting up networks and working with all the more advanced requirements for software these days.

For those customers, we are happy to simply sell them software and wish them the best of luck. For others, though, for those who require a little help with the more advanced aspects of computer usage, our services are designed to provide the same kind of security and installation that the experts get while making the whole process easy, straightforward, and stress-free.

We provide our whole set of services because we want every customer to leave our site with the exact software and computer security that they desired when they first came to visit us. We want every customer to have the perfect experience with us.
If you have any difficulty working with software or with computer security, be sure to try our services, so you never have any difficulty keeping your programs running and keeping your computers safe.

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