Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. Instant Download

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. Instant Download
Microsoft Windows Server is a server operating system designed to more efficiently handling corporate networking, Internet/intranet hosting, databases, enterprise-scale messaging and similar functions
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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

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Aside from making the installation faster with the Windows Server 2008 32-bit system compared to the 16-bit of the Windows Server 2003, it also comes with a couple of upgraded features.


Two Installation Options

The Windows Server 2008 offers two installation types or installation options which are the full installation and the server core installation. The full installation option installs the complete system on the windows server. It includes the overall user interface as well as the support for all the server roles.

The server core installation option, on the other hand, is a new feature introduced in the Windows Server 2008. It is the Windows’ cut-down version without the GUI interface of the Windows Explorer. Everything will be configured using the command line interface or through using the MMC or the Microsoft Management Console. The server core installation option can be used for machines with DNS Server, Active Directory Domain Services or Domain controller, file and print server, etc.


Background Zone Loading

There was an issue regarding the loading time of the DNS zones after restarting the DNS server in the later version of operating systems. However, in the DNS server of the Windows Server 2008, this issue was rectified.

The zone data is now loaded in the background during the restart time of the DNS server which makes it respond to the queries of the client much more quickly.


Restartable Active Directory Domain Services

With the Active Directory of the Windows Server 2008, services for its maintenance can now be stopped or restarted without having to relaunch the domain controller itself. Although the Directory Services Restore Mode is still required for some maintenance function, it is not necessary for most of the maintenance functions.


Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

Although the PowerShell was already introduced in the Windows Server 2003, it is not made to be fully supported for the Active Directory.

However, in Windows Server 2008, the PowerShell now provides a command-line scripting for the configuration, administrative, as well as for the diagnostic tasks. You can now conveniently manage Active Directory with the Group Policy, Exchange Server, and other services.

Active Directory for Windows Server 2008 is also easy to use just like the windows commands, which allow you to create cmdlets and build complex operations.


Database Mounting Tool

The Database Mounting Tool on the Active Directory of the Windows Server 2008 creates and can view a snapshot of the data stored in the Active Directory Domain Services. There is no need to have to restart the domain controller either.

This feature minimizes the administrator time as well as eliminating the need to restore a couple of backups to compare to the data in the Active Directory. The database mounting tool can also be called as the snapshot browser, snapshot viewer, or the Active Directory data mining tool.


Power-saving Features

The Widows Server 2008 introduces some of the new power-saving functionalities which include the ACPI or the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface and PPM features or the Processor Power Management.

It also includes the support for the processor performance states of P-states and the processor idle sleep states on the multiprocessor systems, which can be conveniently and efficiently managed through the Group Policies.

System Requirements

The minimum and recommended hardware requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition are as follows:

  • Processor Requirement: Minimum 1 Gigahertz (GHz) x 86 processor or 1.4 Gigahertz (GHz) x 64 processor; Recommended 2 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster
  • Memory: Minimum 512 Megabyte (MB) RAM; Recommended 2 Gigabyte (GB) RAM or greater; Optimum 2 Gigabyte (GB) RAM (full installation) or 1 Gigabyte (GB) RAM (Server Core Installation)
  • Available Disk Space: Minimum 10 Gigabyte (GB); Maximum for 32-bit system is 64 Gigabyte (GB) for Enterprise edition; Maximum for 64-bit system is 2 Terabyte (TB) for Enterprise edition; Recommended is 40 Gigabyte (GB) or greater
  • Drive: DVD-ROM drive
  • Display: 800 x 600 or Super VGA or higher screen resolution monitor
  • Others: Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or any compatible pointing device

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