Microsoft Publisher 2013 (1PC). Instant Download

Microsoft Publisher 2013 (1PC). Instant Download
Microsoft Publisher is a basic desktop publishing application. It has an extensive range of tools for producing layouts and creating typographic quality text and images
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Microsoft Publisher 2013 (1PC)

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Microsoft Publisher 2013 has a lot of improvements compared to other publishing desktop applications. The main difference from other programs is its ability to make the task easier to finish and complete promptly. The simplicity of the design will not confuse the user whenever they are creating an advertisement. You won’t need a professional skill when using Publisher 2013. Creativity and a little knowledge about the program are all you need to create a striking publication that will attract consumers.

The features of Microsoft Publisher 2013 are made for the user’s convenience. The adjustments made might surprise you at first, but you will appreciate them once you use it. Here are some of the significant upgrades:

Cleaner and Simplified Workspace

Microsoft focused on the editing capabilities of Microsoft Publisher 2013, but they did not forget to develop the workspace. Since there are more options and choices regarding the editing style, Microsoft was able to simplify the design and outline of Publisher 2013. This makes it easier to spot different tools and features. A part of the changes made in the user interface is the cleaner look of the Ribbon.

The Ribbon is one of the essential parts of Publisher 2013 because it is useful and convenient. This improvement is meant to make the interface of Publisher 2013 look simpler and cleaner. A separate file tab is also created to make saving documents and finding templates a lot easier for the user. The editing tools play a vital role in Publisher 2013, but the user interface improvements make it even better.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 was a hit when it was first released, but there may be some glitches that you will notice. In the 2013 version, most of the mishaps in the previous version have been fixed.

More Features for Photos or Images

Microsoft Publisher 2013 makes working with picture or photos easier and more convenient. If you want to attach a picture to your document from a third party such as the web or your gallery, you can easily do this. In Publisher 2013, there is an option to get images outside Publisher and paste it into the document. You don’t also have to manually insert pictures because there is an option to select multiple images and paste it into the document.

Once you select a bunch of pictures, a column of the selected images will appear on the screen. It’s up to you what the first photo you would like to apply on the publication page. A simple drag-and-drop motion can be used to put the selected photo on the page. If in any case, you don’t like the chosen image, you can easily swap it with another picture from the column of pictures or your gallery.

Microsoft focuses on creating programs that help small business owners that cannot afford an expensive publishing application. It is also ideal for people who do not have a lot of experience when it comes to editing advertising pieces.

Different Effects to Level Up Your Design

New effects for pictures have been added on Publisher 2013. You get to choose whether you want to apply a reflection, shadow, bevels, 3-D rotations and soft edges on the image. The text effects of Publisher 2013 have been enhanced as well. Just like the effects on the pictures, you can choose to add shadows, reflections and more onto the text.

Everyone loves to pick a particular image and set it as a desktop background. Microsoft took that inspiration and applied it on Publisher 2013. Instead of using a boring white background, you can now designate a background picture for your publication page.

System Requirements

The specs needed for Microsoft Publisher 2013 must be followed to ensure the best performance of the program. Here are the requirements:

  • 1 GHz or faster for the processor
  • 1 GB RAM for 32-bit
  • 2 GB RAM for 64-bit
  • Available disk space should be 3 GB
  • DirectX10 graphics card needed
  • Resolution monitor should be 1366 x 768

Microsoft Publisher is the best publishing application to use if you want to level up your advertisements. With your creativity and the program’s features, you can create a stunning work of art.

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