Microsoft Project 2016 Professional (1PC). Instant Download

Microsoft Project 2016 Professional (1PC). Instant Download
Microsoft Project is the world's most popular project management software developed and sold by Microsoft
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Microsoft Project 2016 Professional (1PC)

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Some of the most outstanding and exciting features offered with MS Project Professional 2016 include:

Fast Startup Option Gets Simple Tasks Done Quickly

If you’re new to Project Professional, you don’t have to pore over manuals or online tutorials to learn how to get started. Instead, this feature does the hard work for you by allowing you to learn what Project can do. It helps you get on the right track so you can start benefit from using this product.

Intuitive Searching Options Prevents Time Lost Looking for the Right Command

Get Project Professional to tell you which command is suitable for what you’re trying to do. Type in the Tell Me search box and get a response right away. Stop wasting time trying out a series of commands. Find the right one that works for the task over and over again with this feature.

Multiple Timelines That Help You Overcome Scheduling Challenges

Scheduling multiple projects and teams as well as managing a multitude of resources can be taxing. Why do more than you have to when multiple timelines exist? You can see them in one location, compare them to one another, and discover challenges before they become an issue. If you see that you need to allot more resources to a specific project, you can without any problem.

Synchronized Task Lists

Team members take responsibility for updating their assignments in SharePoint. The data syncs and becomes available in Project Professional. You can see what everyone is up to and delegate additional tasks to those individuals who have completed their work. This keeps projects moving in the right direction.

A Consolidated View of Potential Project Resources

 The ability to view resources in a single consolidated view. This allows you to build best-fit teams based on what is available. You can allow resource managers to do the same so they can stay within the guidelines of the project timewise and moneywise.

SoftwarePug’s Outstanding Reputation for Being Fully Committed to the Customer. We are fully committed to your satisfaction. We make products such as Microsoft Project Professional 2016 readily available as digital downloads as a convenience for you. You’re not forced for them to arrive to your workplace. Instead, you can start using the software and applications right away. This gives you the freedom to stick to tight deadlines in terms of your projects and tasks. You can start sharing plans and solutions with stakeholders right away rather than at a future date. Having access to features like the ones listed here gives you the power to complete each project that you take on successfully without many challenges getting in the way.

System Requirements

Your system must be equipped to handle an installation of Microsoft Project Professional. It must meet the following requirements before adding 2016 Project Professional to your computer:

  • Processor with 1 GHz or faster x86-bit or x-64 bit with SSE2.
  • Random Access Memory aka RAM of at least 2GB
  • Hard disk space amounting to 3.0GB or more
  • Screen resolution of 1280x800
  • A DirectX 10 graphic card for acceleration of graphics hardware
  • Options include Windows 10, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • The latest version of a browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. The previous version works, too.
  • .NET 3.5
  • To use multi-touch options, a touch-enabled device must be present. Features can also be accessed by keyboard with mouse or other input device of a standard or accessible nature.

SoftwarePug offers feature-packed software solutions such as 2016 MS Project Professional for you to download, install, and use on a regular basis. Transform the way your business operates in the future. You can do so easily with the right tools from SoftwarePug.

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