Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 (for Windows PC Only). Instant Download

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 (for Windows PC Only). Instant Download
Microsoft PowerPoint is a software to create slide shows that can be used to present information in an office setting or even as a school project
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Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 (for Windows PC Only)

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Morph Transition

This is an additional animation to the previous animations from Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 version. This animation allows you to have a smooth movement of the objects inserted in your presentation. To use this, you must first have a similar object in two slides. You can do this by duplicating a certain slide. You must also move the object in a different location within a second for the animation to take effect. You may also copy and paste an object from one slide to another. After doing so, go to the second slide and select the Transition task pane. Find the transition Morph and watch the magic to unfold. One important option in this animation is that it can change color when you switch slides.


Design Ideas Panel

If you don’t know the project you are working, this particular feature can help you. With this feature, you can choose several ideas on how to design a certain slide using different layout options. As you insert an object, the Design Ideas panel will appear on the right side of the app. You can select a design on that board based on your preference. If you don’t want any of those designs, you may close that panel and just create your slide. You may also enter this feature by clicking the Design on the Ribbon and then click Design Ideas.


New Chart Types

In the corporate field, presenting data is imperative. When you are tasked to make and concise report, you will need various tools that will suit the kind of data you are going to present. If these devices cannot match the kind of message you want to convey, it would be a complete hassle. So, this upgrade in MS PowerPoint would be very beneficial for many office projects. PowerPoint 2016 has now six additional chart options. These are Treemap, Histogram, Waterfall, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst. You can access these charts by clicking the Insert tab in the ribbon. Then, you must go to Charts.


New Themes

This might not be too important for most users, but it is still worth recognizing. There are not many additional items, just the colors dark gray, colorful, black, and white. That would be all. If you want to change the default theme, go to the File tab. Click Account and then the drop down menu on the Office theme.


Tell Me

This is one of the most intuitive features that have been created in Microsoft PowerPoint. It helps the user to find the tools needed in making the presentation quickly. On the upper part of the ribbon after the last tab, you can locate the light bulb which reads "Tell me what you want to do..." It works like browsing the internet. It detects keywords or phrases and finds the related tools in the app. This is very helpful for many users because they wouldn’t have to dig into the tabs to make an action.


Smart Lookup

Bing powers this feature in the PowerPoint app. Within the app, you can now search the web for detailed definitions, images, and sometimes even articles. You can access this feature by highlighting a particular word or phrase. Then, find the Smart Lookup option on the drop down list after you press right click. The Insight panel will then appear.


Collaboration and Sharing

The theme of the new Office Suite is collaboration. That is why this new version of MS PowerPoint has also been improved to cater the needs of the users regarding collaborating with their colleagues. If you want to share your files, the feature that incorporates to that is the Share tab on the ribbon. Within this tab, you can choose to save your presentation on Microsoft cloud services. If the co-authors you shared your presentation decide to make some changes, you will see it using the app. You can also see what slide they are editing. The app will also record those alterations and the original copy before the edits are done.

System Requirements

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 3 Gig of available disk space
  • Minimum 1280p x 800p screen resolution
  • Windows 7 SP1 operating system or above (Works best on latest operating system)
  • Latest versions of browsers
  • Preferred 4.5 LCR or at least .Net 3.5
  • Microsoft account with OneDrive

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