Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. Instant Download

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. Instant Download
Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop productivity applications
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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

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It had taken 20 years before Microsoft released the 2010 version of their Office suite. Within this span, you can expect some significant improvements in its programs. So, let’s discover what this new features and enhancements are.

  • Versatile Ribbon

In the 2007 version, the ribbon has been first released in some of its programs, and the people loved it. It allows the people to make actions in their documents with ease. This innovation brings the office works into a futuristic style of making records. So now, in the 2010 version, Microsoft has added other improvements in the capabilities of the ribbon. It is now a part of every program in the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite. Another exciting thing about this is that it can now be customized.

The customizable feature allows the users to tweak the ribbon. They can now arrange the tools and tabs in one group. They can even distribute the tailored ribbon to other users. This allows them to create a ribbon that would fit their preference while working together as a team.

  • Backstage View

In this version, you can immediately notice that the File button replaces the office “orb.” This is where you can find the behind-the-scenes of your document. This new approach allows the users to have access to other operations such as Save, Open, Save As, and Close. Plus, you can also customize the properties of the document, clean the document for hidden metadata, manage versions, and check the compatibility issues.

  • Design Preview

This capability is included in all programs of the Office suite. When developing the document, users can now see a preview of the page if their cursor hovers on the styling options. The highlighted texts or object in the page will immediately change depending on where the cursor is pointed. The action could also be performed in the location of the I-beam pointer.

  • Protected View

When you download a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or an attachment that has failed validation, it will be opened in the read-only in the protected view. This means that your program is running in sandbox mode and it protects you from malicious codes.

  • Additional Themes

Users can now choose from 40 different themes in the 2010 Office suite. These set of items are available across all applications. So, users can now have a consistent look to all of their Office applications.

System Requirements

 An Office 2010 Professional download requires that your system fulfills the following requirements:

· At least 500 MHz processor
· 2 GHz processor or faster for better performance especially for certain features
· At least 512 MB RAM for graphics features and other advanced functionality
· Another 1 GB RAM or more for OneNote Audio Search
· Additional 1 GB RAM or more for grammar and contextual spelling features
· 3.0 GB available hard disk space
· DirectX 9.0 graphics card with at least 64 MB video memory
· Added system requirements may be needed for users to experience the full functionality of this Office suite.

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